Natural hand made soap
Natural hand made soap

Feel the Difference to 4 properties :

  • 1.We use only 100% pure plant oils to obtain pure, natural glycerin
  • 2.Exclusively selected for those who want to pamper their skin only with natural products
  • 3.Produced in a small quantity from fresh raw materials to ensure high product quality
  • 4.Natural bar soap is soft and Hand made process

Do you know how to make 100% natural herbal hand made soap ? There are two production processes as follows; * The first step is to prepare the basis soap from natural ingredients. This basis soap can be exclusively selected from 5 vegetable oils, well-blended and left for 4-6 weeks to be natural glycerin for soap base

* The next step is to heat it up at the temperature of not over 40 degree celsius and then add the fresh herbs to maintain the herb properties in the natural soaps which their properties are based on the raw materials. Left for twice a week, then handmade cutting and packaging to be 100 % natural herbal soap without any chemical